UGG BOOTS worn not only in winter

UGG Australia Sheepskin refers boots. UGG origin probably dates back to the 1920s. From the beginning of 1920 at the UGG become popular among shearers. Sheep shearers removed from the body of a small piece of sheepskin, after pruning, used to wrap their feet, they called this shoe as ugly boots. Australian slang year will SHEARERS ‘UGLY BOOTS (shearers ugly boots) referred to as UGG BOOTS. Later nickname for the Australian UGG. I did not expect an ebb and flow, has now become an unstoppable fashion boots.

UGG BOOTS is so popular is because it brings to the foot surprising comfort. Used to make sheepskin UGG BOOTS has incredible softness, in order to ensure a comfortable and warm boots. UGG BOOTS wear in the feet, feel more like socks instead of shoes, but it is sufficient to meet the needs of outdoor wear. Australian wool unique density and softness can make UGG BOOTS support the formation of different according to each person’s foot contour, to achieve the most comfortable state.

UGG BOOTS worn not only in winter, but in summer you can even wear in spring and autumn. In cold climates, long wool UGG BOOTS may protect the feet, cut off the cold outdoors to make the body feel warm. In hot climates, the Australian wool unique moisture absorption and permeability, by siphoning off feet will sweat to make the foot cool and comfortable. So, barefoot wearing UGG BOOTS is the best way they dress. Good sheepskin, leather and wool layer has a certain thickness, cortical layers sewing soft elastic, soft and fine wool, soft thin sheepskin shoes lack support efforts to make, easily deformed, damaged. UGG Australia has always adhere to the highest level select Australia or New Zealand sheepskin, to ensure that each twin always bring your feet breathable, warm, soft, comfortable feel. The sole quality materials

UGG EVA soles TPR quality materials and quality of material two, TPR rubber selection is a military grade, have the best elasticity and elastic resistance, but relatively thick, the quality of materials and EVA soles are very mainstream UGG BOOTS The sole selection, it is very hard texture light, so that the seemingly clumsy sheepskin boots actually extremely lightweight, UGG manufacturers have been continuously improved and updated in quality EVA soles, adds more rubber components, so EVA while maintaining lightweight, with more wear-resistant and frost resistance.

7. How to election code

All products are 100% brand new 100% handmade and manufactured in Australia. Since the new malleable sheepskin and wool will be pressed with the dress, it is strongly recommended that the size be selected in accordance with barefoot shoe size. If you want to add a layer thickness of socks to wear, you will need to choose one size larger.

Please try not to put UGG BOOTS pulled directly feet, but the boots stand on the floor, then put your foot pushed. In order to extend the life of the boots, try not to wear in the rain. If you can avoid wearing when hitting the water, then the boots enough to make you wear for several years.

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Especially UGG boots wool from Australia

First, to clarify the concept of UGG

Especially UGG boots wool from Australia, is a kind of boots collectively, does not refer to a single brand. UGG brand so very many, of course, the price will be completely different.

* Note * UGG itself is not a brand.

2. Second, to clarify the concept of UGG Australia

The most fire UGG around the world, which is around the star babes are hot pursuit of UGG, called the UGG Australia. But this is not the Australian brand, but an authentic American brand. US gold diggers came to Australia to see some local farms in Australia and some of the workers is wearing one kind of snow boots, pure wool and handmade, the foot is comfortable and warm, locally known as UGG BOOTS (ugly boots) . After returning Americans, it will be the first filed patent UGG and UGG Australia founder of the brand snow boots, the next years, UGG Australia around the world set off a wave of UGG boots, swept the globe.

The Australian side, Australians have been angry Americans conduct endless, and there are a few UGG artisanal main joint appeal, and refused to recognize the UGG Australia brand.

These workshop owners in Australia and the United States for many years to run around and collect a large amount of historical data to show local UGG Australia patent, even out 1986 edition of the Australian National Dictionary, which has already proven record of UGG BOOTS this entry. The lawsuit played a lot of years, but in the end because the United States registered patents legitimacy ended in gloom.

Until around 2006, Australia was reluctantly recognized brand UGG Australia, but the United States must make concessions: Australia may sell different brands at the same time their own UGG boots. So, now there are many different local brands in Australia UGG boots, such as: Southern Cross …. and there are many local farmers artisanal and factory stores, are their own brands, prices vary.

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